If you’ve just moved to start a new career, for job relocation, or are in transition to a new apartment or home, downsizing can be an ideal option to help with expenses. While decorating a smaller living space is seemingly challenging, Empire Furniture Rental’s vast array of rental furniture can assist you in creating the perfect small space living accommodations to call home. We have compiled small space decor ideas that will help you design a stylish environment that will fit perfectly in any apartment.

To ensure you don’t go overboard, it is best to measure the entire apartment before anything else. The next step should be defining a color palette that will flatter your small living space. Choosing lighter tones can make your room appear to be larger than it is! Mixing it up with a pop of color will keep the small space design more attractive, so don’t be afraid to add accents! You can even choose from the packages at Empire Furniture Rental to help you get inspired.

As an excellent way to make rooms appear brighter, mirrors are ideal for small space decor! Reflecting light throughout your apartment or home, a beautifully framed mirror will make your pad feel twice as big. For additional lighting, place a mirror next to a window for added illumination.

Making use of corner space can increase the coziness in a small apartment or home. Adding the perfect decor for small spaces, couches and other furniture pieces that tuck perfectly into a corner give a roomier feel. However, be sure to scale to the size of the room. A giant overpowering piece of furniture can immediately suffocate any small space.

Another impressive way to decorate a small room is to implement furniture that serves another purpose outside of just a lounge chair or ottoman. By utilizing furniture that acts as a storage container, you can ensure that each item has a place that is tucked away, out of sight. There is nothing worse than having a very small apartment with no closet space. If you don’t have it, invent it!

At Empire Furniture Rental, we offer the perfect furniture for rent no matter the size of the apartment or home. Regardless if you just moved, are in transition, or just want something different, our furniture packages offer an affordable option for those who can’t live without style. Don’t let your apartment sit barren! Let our team of experts find the items that will compliment your small space!

This article was inspired by blog.bfr.com. Check out their site for more decorating tips!