Elaine G.

We have been doing business with Empire Furniture Rental since their inception. I love the professional manner in which they treat all their clients. For anyone looking for their assistance you will be in very capable hands. Five star service from start to finish!

Elaine G

Property Manager

Gravois Ridge Townhomes



Elizabeth O.

Thank you for a great job in picking out furniture for me. I love it. The guys who delivered it were terrific!!! I think I may order a few more things but I have company from out of town and will get to it later.


Lucy Fink

The house looks great. I believe that the staging played a big role in the contract we received. Thanks very much!


Tim M.

Stacy – Thank you and the whole team at Empire for delivering the furniture for my 93-year old Aunt on Friday, January 2nd. We were really trying the thread the needle schedule-wise and the extra effort on Empire’s part really helped. She moved into the apartment on Sunday afternoon!

Brett & Junior were great to work with… as were you!