Steps to Properly Clean Your Leather Furniture

Leather furniture can carry a hefty price tag. If you rent or purchase furniture made of leather, it is important to invest time in caring for the material to prolong its life. However, leather furniture is much easier to maintain than other materials and you are likely to have the supplies needed on hand.

1. First, you should remove all dust and dirt from the piece of furniture. You can easily do this with a brush attachment on your vacuum. Make sure spend time on the cracks and creases. After you vacuum, wipe the entire item with a microfiber rag to grab any leftover debris.

2. To clean the worn areas, create a mixture of equal parts of water and vinegar. Dip a cloth in the water and vinegar mixture and gently blot the soiled parts of the couch. To avoid spreading dirt, dip the cloth often.

3. After you have wiped with the solution, wipe a dry cloth over the areas. Make sure that none of the leather is soaking wet, as over-saturation can ruin the leather.

If using this method to clean your furniture, make sure to test the solution on a hidden portion of the leather to ensure it will not stain. Do you have another way to clean leather? We would love to hear your feedback!

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