Empire Furniture Rental provides a full range of high-quality housewares and home furnishings for rent in the Greater St Louis area. Here at Empire, we want you to be successful in home staging, and we are ready to assist you in deciding on the most complimentary pieces for your home project. We understand that it’s important to stay up to date with home staging and interior trends so that you can successfully stage homes, that’s why we’ve decided to share the most important home staging trends of 2016!

Simple, yet inviting room layouts – Creating interiors that you would like to spend time in while not over staging them. Combining open spaces with natural materials, warm colors, plants, cozy textures, and eclectic accent pieces will shape an inviting environment for homebuyers. This trend incorporates quality over quantity, with use of sophisticated furnishings, welcoming color tones, and a minimal space, homebuyers won’t be able to help but imagine themselves living in the home.

Brass and gold tones – In 2015 copper was one of the most prominent materials in the world of home decor, but in 2016, our attention should be turned towards brass and gold, as well as mixing metals. Brass and gold warm up a space making it more inviting. When staging a home consider adding a few brass or gold accent pieces to accentuate the room while allowing natural light to reflect upon these warm colors.

Softer color tones – In 2016 neutral and softer color tones, such as dusty pink, creams, and lighter shades of blue should be incorporated into rooms you’d like to stand out the most. A palette of two colors with stand alone furniture will make more of a sophisticated statement to home buyers. Pairing neutral color tones with marble or metallics will give the staged home texture while blending basics with accents will create a beautiful showcase.

Patterns – Experimenting with patterns will give spaces an eclectic feel, but it’s important to remember to keep it minimal. Implementing floral, stripes, or geometric patterns on accent pieces such as rugs, pillows, or curtains in a room with a solid color wall will draw in home buyers who can imagine themselves living in the home. Choose accent pieces that are made in rich neutral colors and ensure that those colors compliment the mixed metal pieces in the room.


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