Complete your custom St Louis furniture rental package by adding an elegant loveseat from Empire Furniture Rental. Our high quality rental loveseats provide a perfect complement to our other upholstery rental pieces, including sofas and ottomans. We make it easy to include a loveseat in your temporary furniture package.

*all rates listed are for a 6-11 month rental agreement. Change the length of rental to see rate changes.

Benissa Loveseat

Dimensions: W61" x D39" x H37"
Rate*:  $22.00

Ryler Loveseat

Dimensions: W62" x D38" x H37"
Rate*:  $28.00

Margot Loveseat

Dimensions: W63" x D34" x H38"
Rate*:  $38.00

Sansimeon Loveseat

Dimensions: W65" x D40" x H39"
Rate*:  $34.00

Yvette Loveseat

Dimensions: W61" x D40" x H38"
Rate*:  $29.00

Avonlea Loveseat

Dimensions: W63" x D37" x H36"
Rate*:  $39.00

Loxley Loveseat

Dimensions: W58" x D37" x H30"
Rate*:  $31.00

Mason Loveseat

Dimensions: W62" x D33" x H225"
Rate*:  $32.00

Stansall Charcoal Loveseat

Dimensions: W59" x D34" x H34"
Rate*:  $29.00

Sawyer Loveseat

Dimensions: W61" x D34" x H32"
Rate*:  $33.00
* = pricing based on 6-11 month rental commitment. Pricing does not include damage wavier and sales tax. Delivery / Set Up / Pick Up are additional. Change the length of rental to see rate changes.