Empire Furniture Rental provides St Louis with beautiful bedroom dressers for rent in customized furniture rental packages. We have the best selection of rental dressers and matching mirrors for your rental package, all at an affordable rate. Meet all of your temporary furniture needs by adding an elegant bedroom dresser to your custom rental package.

*all rates listed are for a 6-11 month rental agreement. Change the length of rental to see rate changes.

Chadbrook Dresser

Dimensions: W61" x D15" x H37"
Rate*:  $19.00

Marlow Dresser

Dimensions: W63" x D18" x H35"
Rate*:  $34.00

Kanwyn Dresser

Dimensions: W64" x D18" x H4075"
Rate*:  $31.00

Daneston Dresser

Dimensions: W605" x D15" x H37"
Rate*:  $17.00

Reclaimed Accent Dresser

Dimensions: W56" x D16" x H36"
Rate*:  $47.00

Juararo Dresser

Dimensions: W54" x D16" x H355"
Rate*:  $19.00

Juararo Mirror

Dimensions: W40" x H33"
Rate*:  $5.00

Shay Dresser

Dimensions: W63" x D16" x H37"
Rate*:  $15.00

Shay Mirror

Dimensions: W49" x H36"
Rate*:  $8.00

Espresso Dresser

Dimensions: W585" x D16" x H33"
Rate*:  $18.00

Espresso Mirror

Rate*:  $5.00

Harmony Dresser

Dimensions: W62" x D18" x H38"
Rate*:  $17.00
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* = pricing based on 6-11 month rental commitment. Pricing does not include damage wavier and sales tax. Delivery / Set Up / Pick Up are additional. Change the length of rental to see rate changes.