Repair Imperfections in Your Wooden Furniture, Flooring, and Cabinetry

While wood is quite durable, it is also vulnerable to scratches, dents, and other scuffs due to wear and tear. Fortunately, imperfections can be repaired without enlisting the help of a professional. By utilizing these five methods to cover and reduce blemishes, you can boost the appearance of wood dining tables, flooring, cabinetry, and other furniture throughout your home.

Oil and Vinegar

By mixing a half cup of olive oil with half a cup of vinegar, you will produce a concoction that increases the shine and diminishes marks on wood flooring. This technique is perfect for bigger areas as it is easy to apply and greatly benefits the entire area. When treating the affected portion of wood furniture, flooring, or cabinetry, you must use a microfiber cloth and wipe in the direction of the imperfections until they are no longer visible.

Coffee or Tea

If you have a darker piece of wood that has scuff marks, you can stain the stripped locations by using coffee or tea. You must first brew an exceptionally strong cup of coffee or tea, or use wet grounds and use a cotton swab to administer the coffee to the scratched areas. When applying tea, it may be obligatory to add another round to achieve the color your piece of wooden furniture requires.

Markers or Crayons

If you can match the color of a marker to your wood’s surface, hiding imperfections becomes very easy. Crayons can be used much in the same way. Simply rub any excess wax from the area after you have covered the dings to ensure the area is free of any build-up. To execute the closest match, you can even mix two colors. If you don’t own any markers or crayons, you can find customized wood markers at your local home improvement store.


Who would have ever thought you could rub nuts on scratches to remove unsightly imperfections from your wood furniture? Well, it’s true! The oil in nuts is perfect for hiding scuffs. You can even use the meat of a nut to fill in crevices so your wood’s surface appears smoother. We recommend utilizing walnuts, as their soft texture makes them ideal.

Wood Polish

Another item that can be purchased from a local home improvement store to help cover any nicks is wood polish. You will find many different finishes so matching your wood becomes relatively easy. To apply, use a microfiber cloth and rub in the direction of the scratches until they disappear. Cleaning wood furniture can be difficult if you’re not sure the methods, but after you’ve done it once you are sure to be a pro!

While these processes will likely handle any smaller imperfections in your wooden furniture, cabinetry, or flooring, your damage may require further attention from a professional. To retain the value in your wood pieces, we suggest first attempting these noninvasive approaches and calling a specialist if the scratches, dings, and nicks persist.