How to Properly Care for Wood Furniture

Keeping furniture clean is important no matter if you’re renting furniture or purchasing it.¬†We can all tell when wood furniture needs to be dusted, as you can see the layer of dust on the surface. However, how do you know when to clean, wax or polish? Well, even the experts have differing opinions on the best way to clean wood furniture. Most agree that it depends upon the finish of the wood piece. To be extra careful, you should always request cleaning and care guidelines when renting or purchasing a piece of wood furniture. For pieces that you already have that didn’t come with cleaning directions, following these steps will help protect your furniture.

Cleaning Wood Furniture

1. All-purpose cleaners should only be used on plastic-coated wood furniture, such as kitchen tables and children’s furnishings. This type of product can damage the surface.
2. Water should be avoided at all costs. However, sometimes sticky build-up happens. To rid these messes, mix mild detergent and water and dip a cloth into the mixture. It is important to wring as much water from the rag as you possibly can. After you clean the dirty spots, it is important to rinse and dry immediately!
3. Oil polishes protect the surface of wood furnishings, but this is not a hard layer that will protect against smudging. Avoid using high concentrations of oil that will show fingerprints and attract dust.
4. If your wood furnishings have a varnish, shellac, or polyurethane finish, you can apply wax or polish that will protect and reduce scratching. Wax will provide a hard finish that will hinder and reduce surface scratches.

While we still encourage you to follow the instructions that come with any purchased or rental furniture, these methods are the next best option. Following these steps will help preserve the life of your wood furniture and ensure a clean appearance!

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