Whether you’re a home stager or are staging your own home, it’s important to make sure that details of all sizes have been taken care of. We understand that staging a home can be exciting and stressful, that’s why Empire Furniture Rental has compiled a list of 5 detailed tips you should double check before showing a home for the first time!

122171-122172-CB60RTNew Kitchen Appliances – New kitchen appliances are a big hit among home buyers. Putting a little money into your kitchen by updating the oven/stove, sink, microwave, etc. can bring in a larger return than you had expected! Homes with newer kitchens tend to be highly favored and if you’re looking to sell a home fast this is a sure way to assist you in doing so.

Creating a flow in each room – Anyone who attends a home showing will be attracted to a home that has a pleasant and constant flow, that moves from room to room. Replacing square or hard-cornered furniture with pieces that are rounded off will add more space in each room and create a flow-like effect to your entire home.

An appealing bedroom setting – When your home buyers walk into the master bedroom you want them to feel at home, creating a gender neutral bedroom setting ensures that both females and males will enjoy your space. Painting the walls a neutral color and pairing a gender neutral bedroom set with complimentary items will have your homebuyers feeling like they’re ready to move in!

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Depersonalize your home – Clear away all clutter, take down family photos, clean up “working” areas, messy cabinets, closets or any other area of your house that may come off as being cluttered or messy. When your home has cluttered areas, it’s difficult for home buyers to figure out the actual size and spacing of those areas. Home buyers want to see clean, open spaces. Providing a clean and spacious looking home will help home buyers picture their own belongings in your home.

Take a look at your flooring – All floors should be thoroughly cleaned before a homes first showing. If you have carpets, we suggest steam cleaning. If your hardwood floors are in poor shape we suggest having them refinished, if you’re looking for a cost-effective way to make your floors look updated, try placing area rugs in a strategic yet visually appealing way.

If you’re a home stager looking for rental furniture in the Greater St Louis area, contact Empire Furniture Rental today.