We understand that living in a small space can cramp your ideal interior style, that’s why we’ve come up with 4 easy and cost effective ways to refresh your space!


Hanging framed prints
You may be living in a space where you aren’t allowed to make big changes (like painting) to your apartment, or you may not have the time/money to make big changes. Hanging framed prints is a small change (and easy alternative) that creates a BIG difference. Now, to be fair showcasing artwork in your home can become pretty expensive, but by renting framed prints from Empire Furniture Rental you can have beautiful art on display for as low as $6 a month!

Adding decorative pillows
Your apartment may be in a decorative funk that’s easier to fix than you think! By adding colorful and textured pillows to your couch, accent chair or bed, you can create a great flowing color palette for a low cost. Decorative pillows can easily be found at estate and garage sales, thrift stores or Ikea! You can get creative by purchasing fun pillow covers to switch out whenever a change is needed or by DIY-ing your own.

rental-furniture-st-louisBrightening your space with house plants
House plants create a fresh, colorful and natural addition to any space. Adding plants to your apartment is an inexpensive and beautiful way to update your home. If you have a hard time keeping up with plants, consider getting a cactus, aloe vera or snake plant, which are all very low maintenance. You will immediately see and feel a difference in your space with the addition of plants.

Updating accent pieces
Okay, so now that we have great framed prints giving your walls some life, awesome decorative pillows for an added touch of color and beautiful house plants, it’s time to update your accent pieces. By switching out your lamps or end tables, you can create a different atmosphere for your space. There are a lot of great places to shop for accent pieces, but it can be time-consuming and costly. If you’re having a hard time finding affordable pieces, Empire Furniture Rental offers rental arrangements for accent lamps as low as $4 a month.

Do you need to furnish your transitory living space? Contact Empire Furniture Rental for affordable rental furniture arrangements!